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 At Premier Solutionz, we know your inventory is your most valuable asset.  So we focus on your inventory from start to finish.  Using our “high tech, high touch” approach, your inventory is properly prepared, priced, and marketed, before it is delivered to the Internet.  We are the only comprehensive Automotive Internet Partner that handles and prepares your inventory from your Dealership Database all the way to the Customer.  Our highly trained ground team ensures that your vehicles are properly photographed, surveyed, and ready to be marketed before it is delivered to,, etc.

 Next, market your inventory in your online vehicle showroom – your website.  Our websites are designed to produce a higher volume of leads and to convert those leads into sales.  We ensure that your inventory, your most valuable asset, is properly indexed on your website so it can be found by Google and the other search engines.

 And to ensure you have everything in place, we offer a unique consulting approach to generate more sales for your dealership.  And last but not least, we provide you with the best local support in the industry.  When you call us, we answer the phone.  When you email us, we email you back.

 At the end of the day, it’s all about selling more cars and Premier Solutionz has a vested interest in that common goal.

 We believe that great pictures and accurate data are the heart and soul of any Internet Department. Because no matter how fancy your website is, and no matter how many advertising sites you sign up for, if the inventory looks bad, you are not getting the most out of your investment. Your online image is your internet showroom, and you want to look your best!

High Touch

 We aren't just high tech -- we are also high "touch". We not only have the best technical system to manage your inventory, but we do what we say we'll do. You can count on a scheduled visit from our photographer multiple times a week. And it won't be a new person each time. When you call us, we answer the phone --when you email us, we email you back! Old-fashioned customer service and high quality results is why we have grown so rapidly.

High Tech

 We automate the Internet process for the busy Internet manager by pulling Data from your DMS system (Reynolds, ADP, etc.) and place that data in our Inventory Management Hub. In this robust system, we vin-decode the vehicle, include installed options, and add 20+ photos of each used vehicle and 10+ photos of each new vehicle. Next, we export your inventory to hundreds of different locations.

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By utilizing our powerful web-based inventory management system and providing the highest level of service and support, Premier Solutionz has become an industry leader in online inventory management and distribution.

High Resolution Images

 Let's talk about the pictures. We pull each car out of it's spot, new and used, and make the car the hero of the picture. We take the time to do it right!  

Also, when vehicles sell, they are automatically pulled off ALL those online sites! No more going into three or four sites to mark cars sold. We save you time by automating the whole process!

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